Thursday, March 5, 2015

Romantic Outdoor Yard

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Romantic Outdoor Yard

 Romantic Outdoor Yard

Romantic Outdoor Yard, Are comfortable outdoor dining ngelitan bounded by foliage, looking really very cool blue pool heart. Eating places located in the back and blend with the garden with pool as a complement to your dining table. Place with size 4x6 sq m covered with a canopy truly separated by but the main building adjacent to the main room.
   Area to the dining room is distinguished by making the floor the different height. textured ceramic floor covering higher than the surface of the rear garden floor covered with coral brush. Rear garden makes part that supports the atmosphere around the place to eat. tropical feel raised through election
types of plants that you like.
  Placement unique chandelier which also serves as a fan wind made of wood and rattan are right in the middle of the ceiling look harmonious with woven mats that adorn the roof of the dining places.
  Dining table and chairs Jepara used oval or rectangle is equipped with five single dining chairs and one long bench. Whole furniture is made of wood tumbling choice with melamine finish that gives a natural feel.

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