Saturday, September 26, 2015

Abstract Art Brings Happiness

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Abstract Art Brings Happiness

You can mentally unwind when living with a piece of art emanating pure joy, without chase for meaning, significance, importance etc. You can even became more creative and laid back yourself. You can actually do it yourself, and have the fun you deserve, or your brain deserve...

Photo by Horchow
Photo by 24 media
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Brittany Makes
Photo by The Mustard Ceiling
Photo by Dwell Studio
Photo by Britta Nickel
Photo by Ultra Modern Style
Photo by The Aestate
Photo by Architectural Digest
Photo by Small Shop
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Homedit
Photo by Bromeliad
Photo by Chinoiserie Chic
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Bromeliad   source

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