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Modern Kitchen Equipment Type And Function

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Modern Kitchen Equipment Type And Function

Modern Kitchen Equipment Type And Function If we choose a modern kitchen, the equipment used should also modern kitchen appliance. Modern kitchen appliances basically functions by means of a conventional kitchen. Differences appliance modern kitchen or cooking utensil with conventional cookware lies in the use of technology in the modern kitchen appliances. Each has a kitchen equipment and how to use each function.
Modern Kitchen Equipment Type And Function

Modern Kitchen Equipment Type And Function
 Modern kitchen equipment basically consists of cookware, kitchen furniture washing, cooking dispensing equipment, storage equipment food ingredients, and more. This section will describe some modern cooking equipment and functions.

Type Tool For Modern Kitchen Cooking
  • Cook stoves, Unlike traditional cooking process that still use firewood or stove and a kerosene stove, the cooking process at the present time is dominated by the use of modern stoves. Selection of today's modern cooking stoves are gas or electric stove.

Modern Kitchen Tools For Cooking
  • Frying pan. In general, using a modern frying pan non-stick material that makes fried foods will not be sticky. In addition, the model and size is also much more diverse, which is used for frying different methods.
Frying pan
  • Roasting pan. Roasting pan is one of the modern cooking appliances that can replace the function by using ember grills. Pans as this can be used to bake various types of food directly over the burner.
roasting pan
  • Pot used for boiling food. Model and shape of the pot this time is very varied, there are known as the stock pot for cooking thin foods and is also called the slow cooker special pot used to boil anything in a very long time.
pot slow cooker
  • Microwave oven. The use of electric-powered microwave oven as modern cookware is very common. Indirectly, this replaces the oven like a traditional oven that use the stove, where the oven like this, the temperature for cooking can be arranged as desired. For businesses or large food industry, can be found also liquefied petroleum gas-powered oven.
Oven microwave
  • Cookware other electrically powered. In addition to a microwave oven, there is also the cookware else who uses electric power for example toasters or toaster, rice cooker or a rice cooker and also cofffee maker or coffee making equipment.
cofffee maker

Modern Kitchen Tools For Preparing Material Cuisine

One of the modern kitchen appliance that is used for the preparation of food ingredients is magic blender.

Magic blender
Magic blender is a versatile tool that can be cutting, slicing, chopping, smoothing, and pulverizing a wide variety of foods, helping to reduce prep time in the kitchen. This is a small blender with great benefits, especially for a tiny apartment kitchen without a lot of space to store large-sized equipment. Yes, the tool is compact, can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Users find that the fun part of owning a Magic Blender is the moment of the experiment when they try new recipes and new ways of using it.
Modern Kitchen Tool For Saving Material Cuisine
When this has been a lot of types and products for storing food ingredients. One of the modern kitchen equipment that serves to store food ingredients are smart sealer. Smart sealer to protect the food you store in order to avoid exposure to bacteria in the air, as well as extend the life of fresh foods. With the power of the battery, Smart Sealer has a heating element that is capable of sealing very quickly the various types of packaging materials such as PVC, plastic bags, poly bags, plastic wrap, foil bags, cold-resistant plastic, and others - to be watertight.
Smart sealer
Hopefully the information contained in the article type Modern Kitchen Tools And this function can add insight for us to create a modern kitchen complete with modern kitchen tools for our minimalist house.

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