Friday, November 28, 2014

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Friday, November 28, 2014

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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Friday, November 28, 2014

JFC 11-28-14 001JFC 11-28-14 002JFC 11-28-14 003JFC 11-28-14 006

More progress on the exterior of our building! Windows in the new addition are framed and look ready for glass and the header thing that goes higher than the building’s flat roof is now sheathed in some material that looks sorta industrial and cool!

And inside, we’re bursting at the seams with lots of amazing furniture – including another donation from Serta of never-been-used queen size mattresses from their research and development department! It’s the third or fourth donation we’re received from them and these mattresses are amazing!

We’re open today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4. I’ve got photos of SOME of our inventory and you can see even more at our Furniture Gallery. Let’s take a look/see:

JFC 11-28-14 008JFC 11-28-14 009

this is a gorgeous pedestal table with one leaf by Nichols & Stone – really beautiful! Priced $545 (there are no chairs with the table)

JFC 11-28-14 010JFC 11-28-14 011

fun retro table with 2 leaves and 4 chairs also in excellent condition – all for $185

JFC 11-28-14 012JFC 11-28-14 013JFC 11-28-14 014JFC 11-28-14 015

very nice Valley MTG Corp bumper pool table (with 4 cues sticks [two short and two longer], balls, caulk and brush) – no rips in felt. Once must have been used in a commercial setting since there’s a coin lever (very cool). Priced $550

JFC 11-28-14 016JFC 11-28-14 017

absolutely gorgeous cherry wood drop leaf w/gate leg table with these cool twisted legs and two leaves (again, no chairs) priced $365

JFC 11-28-14 018JFC 11-28-14 019

set of six chairs (five without arms, one with) – all for $175 (seat upholstery needs to be replaced or cleaned)

JFC 11-28-14 020JFC 11-28-14 021

nice wingback chair – need to be cleaned along the bottom – priced $45

JFC 11-28-14 022JFC 11-28-14 023

beautiful Drexel buffet (probably from the 1940s) priced $175

JFC 11-28-14 024JFC 11-28-14 025JFC 11-28-14 026JFC 11-28-14 027

lovely living room set – all in very good condition – sofa is $85; loveseat for $65 and wingback for $55 (I’m pretty sure my mother has this same sofa/loveseat. Right, Mom?)

JFC 11-28-14 028JFC 11-28-14 029

fabulous mission-style desk with lighted hutch (desk top needs some stain touch-up) priced $395

JFC 11-28-14 030JFC 11-28-14 031

wonderful red floral sofa for $275 – excellent shape!

JFC 11-28-14 032JFC 11-28-14 033

this is a very pretty fresh green (looks better in person) sofa by Lane and in good condition. Priced $135

JFC 11-28-14 034JFC 11-28-14 035JFC 11-28-14 036JFC 11-28-14 037

cool old chair for $135

JFC 11-28-14 038JFC 11-28-14 039

beautiful sleeper sofa in a great green/gray upholstery. Priced $345 (look carefully at the sleeper frame – it looked a bit rusted to me and if I were buying it I’d want to see what was up with it)

JFC 11-28-14 040JFC 11-28-14 041

Benchcraft denim sofa (a little faded but it adds to the look, I think) – priced $95

JFC 11-28-14 042JFC 11-28-14 043

love, love, love this red stained little drop leaf table with gate legs – super narrow when the two ends are down. Priced $55

JFC 11-28-14 044JFC 11-28-14 046JFC 11-28-14 047JFC 11-28-14 048

this solid wood table is the perfect size for someone with a smallish space – and it’s priced ONLY $25. When I looked more closely to see why the amazingly low price – there is a gouge on the top and there are many places where it needs to be re-stained. But still – it’s fabulous! Four fabric dining chairs – all for $115 and they do need to be cleaned

JFC 11-28-14 049JFC 11-28-14 050

fantastic Thomasville dresser priced $245 (gorgeous)

JFC 11-28-14 051JFC 11-28-14 052

another very nice dresser – this time priced $265

JFC 11-28-14 053JFC 11-28-14 054JFC 11-28-14 055JFC 11-28-14 056

beautiful retro Albert brand dresser with large mirror for $125 (love it!); matching nightstand wasn’t priced yet– so check with Bruce if interested

JFC 11-28-14 057JFC 11-28-14 058JFC 11-28-14 059JFC 11-28-14 060

another amazing Thomasville dresser with two mirrors for $265; matching armoire for $235

Hope you’ll add Jubilee Furniture to your shopping circuit – where you not only get some amazing, quality furniture but your purchase is helping those most vulnerable in DuPage County!

Peace out, dear reader – and much love from me!

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